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MAY 30-31
There are no major aspects on the weekend of May 30-31! We're left to deal with some unresolved issues that are, likely, being investigated by Retrograding planets Saturn, Jupiter, Venus, and, of course, Pluto. On the other hand, June 5 features a Full Moon at 16 degrees Sagittarius that is also a lunar eclipse, one of three coming up next month. The advice, with eclipses would be to not make judgments or major decisions the week prior, since there's missing information that will be revealed as part of what happens during eclipse times. At the same time Venus Retrograding is squaring Neptune, another indication that not everything is as it appears. So as summer approaches...kind of cool your heels...which present restrictions are also suggesting we do. With former issues coming up for Review, consider: what to about our arising problems? What do we want to change for the positive at the same time that there's an easing of the pandemic? Was "normalcy" really so good? May God bless and keep us safe. And may we look out for others, as well.

JUNE 1-7:
With transiting Sun and a Retrograding Venus in Gemini, these are the primary energies we'll need to work with this June. Gemini-time we feel lighter, the tempo has quickened, and we become more communicative, somewhat restless, though emotionally detached. And the first week in June's energies are building up to Friday (June 5) Full Moon in Sagittarius; this is also the first three in a series of eclipses, starting with a Lunar eclipse. Thus the standard advice: avoid judgments or decisions the week prior to an eclipse since eclipses tend to unearth heretofore unknown information. That's particularly true since along with Venus in Gemini, other planets are also retrograding, bringing to surface unfinished business. This as expansion-planet Jupiter retrogrades closer and closer to Transformer Pluto. 

Of note Tuesday (June 2), when the Moon has entered intense and deep-digging Scorpio, don't expect Love and Romance to be tidy or enchanting the first couple of days, since Love's Duo, Venus and Mars in Pisces, lovers won't be seeing eye to eye. Mars in Pisces is not in its comfort zone, though it is an expert at wearing down your enemy as in water drip-drip-dripping on stone. The good news is that the following day, June 3, as the Sun joins up with Venus you can expect positive benefits from a seductive, flirtatious, but ever-evasive Gemini. 

There are lots of conflicting energies on Friday, day of the Full Moon and lunar eclipse. Note that the Moon is in risk-taking, super candid, philosophizing Sagittarius and opposes Sun in Gemini, also Venus close by. As per other Full Moons, we would be pulling into harmony two opposing views/stands/standards. Mars remains in the picture by squaring both Sun and Moon, forming what is known as a T-square. With Mars in Pisces, a Water sign, and the Moon (ruling emotions) being aspected, feelings will run strong. In a T-square, we look to the "missing leg" for respite. The "way out" for such a predicament would come from thorough and practical Virgo skills and energies. Virgo is great at finding practical solutions that make order out of chaos-though it would prefer not to meddle. The lunar eclipse indicates that certain unknown matters are causing strife; so paying attention to details and following through is important. Please bear in mind that lunar eclipses affect our personal feelings and personal lives, rather than our public standing. Diplomacy (since Venus is involved) may also be a good tool to use. And since Messenger Mercury (going Retrograde) sextiles (that's a plus) Awakener Uranus, some kind of unexpected maneuver or youthful person can intervene to improve matters. As at all Full Moons, look for answers and results from the efforts you've put forth up until this point.

Saturday (June 6) has Sun squaring Mars; so, the drama continues. First off, the dust from yesterday has yet to settle. It might even be a good idea to note what "surprises" or "unknowns" are coming to light. The two planets involved are male and action-oriented, if that helps. Give yourself and others time to reflect and rest-up, if you can, the remainder of the weekend.

JUNE 8-14:
Along with the Sun and Venus in Gemini, the Moon's North Node (our present direction) has also passed from Cancer to Gemini, with the South Node (of past actions and energies) in Sagittarius. This will have a major effect in our lives, though almost behind the scenes, so let's take a quick refresher course on vibrations that are to be important to us for this month and also the future, since the Nodes will be there for the long-haul. Air-sign Gemini (along with Libra and Aquarius) is the sign of the teacher and other vocations where communication is primary. It also rules short-distance travel and commerce, youthful people, in general (Mercury ruled), the neighbor"hood," and near relatives (siblings, cousins, aunts, uncles). The sign of The Twins has a dual nature that allows it to look at opposite sides of the coin and to come to terms with life's paradoxes. Thus its strength lies in its flexibility and adaptability to change; wherein lies the possible weaknesses of not enough resiliency and steadfastness to a cause or person. As with all zodiac signs, when we have too much in Gemini, look to the opposing sign, Sagittarius, for the remedy. For example, many of us under lock down and self-isolation even, are yearning for freedom and to experience a chance to travel, i.e., ruled by Sagittarius.

Until the monthly "Changing of the guard, " which will occur next week, the above are our primary Gemini energies that we should plug into in shifting out of doldrums and a gradual easing-of-restrictions within our environment. This particular week lacks major aspects, perhaps allowing us time in our lives to create new ways of communicating with others--while keeping social distancing. On both Thursday (June 11) and Saturday (June 13), Creative Muse Neptune is activated. In its own sign of Pisces,, Neptune is in harmony with the Earth-sign planets of Pluto and Jupiter. It is not in accord with Venus, the Love planet going Retrograde, retracing its steps to see what needs Redoing. For many of us, Love and Relationships, perhaps with people in the past that have started to return, needs restructuring or reevaluating. Some may be coming back into our orbit having learned a lesson or two. Venus Retrogrades through June 23rd, when it turns direct. Yet it doesn't return to the degree it went Retrograde until the end of July, if that's any help. Look at the positive side, only Retrogrades allow us to Reevaluate and Redo if we find that we have erred or neglected to do some needed thing. When Mars enters Aries on June 27 and starts joining up with Venus in Gemini, we'll walk more hand-in-hand with our love.

On the 11th of June, a Thursday, transiting Sun squares Neptune. Someone you know, or yourself, may become disoriented, may not see a situation clearly. This does bring messages from the Universe, though it won't be easy to decipher them. What is important is that we realize that all is not what it seems. On the other hand, such energies can bring out the creative artist in us. Also, if we do things with compassion for others, not just for our own benefit, then Neptune deals more generously with us, too. Moon is also at this time in intuitive Pisces. Try not to be too gullible.

Then on the 13th, as Mars joins up with Neptune in Pisces, someone may burst a bubble, and we don't like it! Watch out for some aggressive to bully the Dreamer in you.

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